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Re: Video: Cargo Ship Security Opens Fire On Somali Pirates! Reply 04/23/17
Re: Bill O' Reilly fired by FOX Reply 04/21/17
Re: Operation Gotham Shield: U.S. Gov’t To “Simulate Nuke Blast Over Manhattan” Reply 04/21/17
Re: There are just no words for the amazing level of stupidity of these morons. Reply 04/21/17
Re: 73 Pct old 2011 brawl and 85 in the 'ville Reply 04/21/17
Re: NJ State Court Rules Atlantic City Can Cut FD Pay By 25%, Cut Manpower By 55%; Cops Next Reply 04/20/17
Re: Manhunt right now in Cleveland. Perp streamed him shooting an elderly man in the head live on Facebook today. Reply 04/16/17
Re: Trump supporters keep kicking anarchist ass Reply 04/16/17
Re: Does a Uniform Keep Officers in Line? Reply 04/15/17
Re: Bronx Cop Injures Arm/Shots Fired Penn Station/FCC Says 400K Fine Bomb Threats on NYPD Radio Reply 04/15/17
Re: What a Jackazz Reply 04/15/17
Re: April 14 1972 Reply 04/15/17
Re: April 14 1972 Reply 04/14/17
Re: Video of MOAB Hitting Its Target Reply 04/14/17
Re: Daughter of NYPD cop slain on 9/11 follows her dad’s footsteps Reply 04/13/17
Re: Tillerson: China agrees on ‘action’ on North Korea as navy strike group sails Reply 04/11/17
Re: Chicago***Father and son get into a shootout over who would walk dog. Father gets shot , son gets killed Reply 04/11/17
Re: Crazy Chinaman Dragged Off Plane! Reply 04/11/17
Re: Here’s how much it costs to replace the 59 Tomahawk missiles Trump fired on Syria Reply 04/09/17
Re: Ragheads bomb a church in Egypt! Reply 04/09/17
Re: walking dead Reply 04/08/17
Re: Sweden Terror Attack Reply 04/07/17
Re: Patriots Day - The Movie Reply 04/07/17
Re: Patriots Day - The Movie Reply 04/06/17

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